Jul 23, 2009

A Summer Update

This whole post consists of no post adjustments. Everything was completely traditional so it may look gross! XD

Just testing out the Tria Markers ktshy lent me^^

A series of drawings I made based off of the 7 deadly sins

And finally Gluttony; who took up a full page XD

I took life drawing classes last week and thought I'd post at least one of my drawings.

This was made by covering the whole (news print) page in Willow and then erasing the light parts with a kneadable eraser.

Yaaay. I think we had about 20 min to work on this, unfortunately I didn't get to finish it. It's cool because instead of putting lines onto paper and creating, I was taking them away to give the illusions of lights and darks ;P

This pic got smudged when I put it in my folder and the pic makes it look all gross >__<

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Kt Shy said...

Gluttony still freeeaaaaks me out! :I