Feb 23, 2009

What's Up?

In case you didn't already know, I got into that art school I tried out for! wheeee!

I wanted to do a post that was something other then Lethal Lips, so here it is!
What've I been up to lately? Well I'm not really sure! XD A whole lotta' stuff, rest assured! Current book I'm reading: anansi boys Pictures, Images and Photos Anansi Boys! (Though my front cover looks absolutely nothing like this one) I started reading it a while ago but the only time I read it is at school, so give me a break -___-;
Alsoooooooo, I'm playing Jet Set Radio for the Dream Cast~
Rhyth Jet Set Radio Pictures, Images and Photos
Still not sure if I'm going to cosplay for AN this year, considering I'm only going to be there for one day.
9 (nine) Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm really excited for 9! It looks so awesome!
Oh! Here's a funny video I found XD
Funny Pictures & Funny Videos
~Ta for now!

Feb 18, 2009

Lethal Lips Page 6

Many (actually only one) have wondered how I put my comic Lethal Lips together! Well here it is:
1) Get tools all out and ready (pencil, rulers...many many rulers, eraser and blank piece of paper)
2) Think of dialogue and what the heck I'm going to put on said piece of paper
3) sketch
4) ink
5) scan = clean up, shade and letter on photoshop
6) Ta-DA!!! Time to export and post!

Feb 14, 2009

Lethal lips page 5

In the montage with all the 'uneducated' pirates in them, the female to the very right is the one I drew. The rest were just found online.
Oh, and from now on, I'm lettering these on the computer so it's easy to read! XD

Feb 12, 2009

Valentines Fail + Page 4 of LL

Sci-gee may not be the best baker, but at least she tries.
Happy Valentines
page 4

Feb 9, 2009

Lethal Lips Stuff


First Phase splash page. Featuring Sci-gee and Amatte Hawken. (you'll meat her later)

Here's page two! And do not fear, dear sweet readers, for I have the sketch done for page four! Pluuuuuus a rough outline of what's going to happen in the next few pages! Progress!
P.s. Fan art is most desired!

Feb 1, 2009

Sci-Gee Mania!

Can you spot all 33 pictures of Sci-gee?!
Is it possible to be obsessed with your own character?
Jeepers, you should see my school note books! (actually where her name came from and where she was first drawn) They're just crammed with pics of Sci-gee posing, dancing or just being lazy! Weirder yet, I still don't have a plot for Lethal lips. And not a single other character in mind. I'm not even sure what sort of personality Sci-Gee has yet...arg!!!