Jul 23, 2009

A Summer Update

This whole post consists of no post adjustments. Everything was completely traditional so it may look gross! XD

Just testing out the Tria Markers ktshy lent me^^

A series of drawings I made based off of the 7 deadly sins

And finally Gluttony; who took up a full page XD

I took life drawing classes last week and thought I'd post at least one of my drawings.

This was made by covering the whole (news print) page in Willow and then erasing the light parts with a kneadable eraser.

Yaaay. I think we had about 20 min to work on this, unfortunately I didn't get to finish it. It's cool because instead of putting lines onto paper and creating, I was taking them away to give the illusions of lights and darks ;P

This pic got smudged when I put it in my folder and the pic makes it look all gross >__<

Jul 10, 2009

Lethal Lips 10

Be sure to fallow the arrows @_@

Sorry for having such horrible panel set up but I'm still a n00b at all this comic stuff^^;
W00t double digit page number!!

I can FINALLY post this! I did it right after I finished the second page of LL but couldn't post it because it had some spoilers XP

I'll make a more detailed, birds-eye-view map and also create the emblem of Trinity Rose...eventually...>.>

BTW, did any of you notice Trinity Rose looming in the distance of the window on page 6~?
( DX probably looked like a picture frame anyways!)

Just a doodle

Bah, my scanner doesn't work very well with pencil crayon, you can barely see any of the shading and it's all gritty >_<

People should draw more girls without bangs.

yeeey, went for a sketchier style when inking~!

This is a commission for Karo
It's her role play character in our guild on gaia :D
If you can't tell if it's a girl or a guy then that's perfect because it's supposed to be like that ;P though, in actuality, the character is a girl.
We made a sort of bet/deal and once I got my end of it I had to make this for her XD Sorry it took so long.

One thing makes me very sad about this picture...when I converted it to a JPEG, like all my pictures, it turned lighter and less vibrant *sniff* I like the colours so much better when it's a PSD >__<

Witness! The disappearing right arm!

Some of you may be thinking that I'm on a drawing hiatus because I don't post that often buuuuut you'd be wrong! I doodle all the time at school ;P My notebooks are just cluttered with doodles! So here's just a tiny example of a few random doodles I did somewhat recently.

Jul 8, 2009

Sci-gee Mighty Mugg

You know Mighty Muggs? Those blank dolls you've most likely passed by hundreds of times in comic shops or cons? You've probably already come to the conclusion that they're made blank so that people can customize them themselves by painting on them. Well, I thought I'd give it a shot. The rest of this blog post will be a step-by-step on how I created my Sci-gee Mighty Mugg.

So first I started off by going to Curry's and buying some acrylic paint and brushes. This is only my second time working with acrylic paint^^ The first was at school, 2 or 3 years ago.

I lightly sketched Sci-gee on right away. I don't like making roughs for my work as I find they are a waste of time and I always like my originals better anyways.

Then I started to paint onto the sketch.

I decided to paint outside since it was nice out.

I didn't intend on going over my sketch with paint but tried on the scars anyways...it didn't look so good...

Theeeen I tried to ink everything with a pen. It looked sooo much better. But it smudged really easily! >.<

Adding some shimmer and shine to the helmet, boots and gloves.

For the arrow in her head, I got a tooth pick, painted it black and then cut it half. I made the edges on a slant so that it would curve and hold onto her helmet. I then glued them on and waited for everything to dry.

Now adding stripes to her dress and cleaning up some smudges.

ANNNNND SHE'S DONE! Hope you enjoyed my step-by-step on how I made a Sci-gee Mighty Mugg!