Jun 22, 2008

Elly And ?

A picture of Elly.
I went to video games live for the second time yesturday. It waaasss sooooo awsome...again!
Me and shaaaaaggy got a whole bunch of free stuff.
Yay free stuff~!

Jun 20, 2008

Ascot Yob

Da' showed me an article about the stupid (awsome) dress codes at ascot. I couldn't help but laugh when one woman called men who wear brown dress shoes "yobs" I instantly fell in love with the word "yob" and searched it on Wikipedia. Wiki answers: "slang term for an uncouth blue collar individual or thug" I wrote out my affections for the word in chalk. AScot hat

Jun 11, 2008


Arg, I havn't posted in A while due to 3 reasons, but that doesn't really matter. If you havn't seen Indiana joans 4 yet, then don't click this link, but if you have plz do --->


keep in mind that I made this back when I had a sketch book *sniffle*
man, that was a long time ago. ooooold!
I'm Now reading Seeing Redd! soooo good! It's the sequal to the looking glass wars.Seeing Redd
This is a little doodle I did just now.