Jan 30, 2007

You can find it under shrub monkeys (on the serch bar thing) it should be the latest one. :)
The comic down bellow might be hard to read so if u want to see it better go to http://www.girlamatic.com/comics/monkeys.php

Jan 29, 2007

Well kt was sooo busy and she asked me to make a shrub monkey and so I did.......gigity!

Jan 25, 2007

Yay im going to anime north! And im dressing up as selphi from final fanticy! (I still don't have all the parts to the costume yet though) happy happy joy joy! (heres a pic o' her)

Jan 21, 2007

Your all so kind. Thank you for the wonderful comments.

Jan 20, 2007

This was made with tria markers when gutar hero 2 came out!
Um.......don't no why this was put in here.