Jul 10, 2009

Lethal Lips 10

Be sure to fallow the arrows @_@

Sorry for having such horrible panel set up but I'm still a n00b at all this comic stuff^^;
W00t double digit page number!!

I can FINALLY post this! I did it right after I finished the second page of LL but couldn't post it because it had some spoilers XP

I'll make a more detailed, birds-eye-view map and also create the emblem of Trinity Rose...eventually...>.>

BTW, did any of you notice Trinity Rose looming in the distance of the window on page 6~?
( DX probably looked like a picture frame anyways!)

Just a doodle

Bah, my scanner doesn't work very well with pencil crayon, you can barely see any of the shading and it's all gritty >_<

People should draw more girls without bangs.

yeeey, went for a sketchier style when inking~!

This is a commission for Karo
It's her role play character in our guild on gaia :D
If you can't tell if it's a girl or a guy then that's perfect because it's supposed to be like that ;P though, in actuality, the character is a girl.
We made a sort of bet/deal and once I got my end of it I had to make this for her XD Sorry it took so long.

One thing makes me very sad about this picture...when I converted it to a JPEG, like all my pictures, it turned lighter and less vibrant *sniff* I like the colours so much better when it's a PSD >__<

Witness! The disappearing right arm!

Some of you may be thinking that I'm on a drawing hiatus because I don't post that often buuuuut you'd be wrong! I doodle all the time at school ;P My notebooks are just cluttered with doodles! So here's just a tiny example of a few random doodles I did somewhat recently.


Karo said...

O_O Whoa! LL10 looks REAALY clean!!! There are like, hardly any stray lines. O____O Sci-gee in the second... third...fourth... AND fifth panel looks sooooo pro. @_@ Wow you are improving exponentially!!! The shading and shine deserves applause as well. o_o How long did it take you to do this?! For the artwork alone, this is my favorite page so far! And hehehe @ the first mate's arm hanging down the panel. That was a nice touch. ^_____^ Keep up ze awesomeness!!!

Karo said...

xD Ah! I missed the captions the first time things were posted. Few things I forgot to mentioned:
- I LOLOLOLOLed at the cannon. Ahahahahaha. Nice-o! xD

-I look forward to the explanation of the flaming dorms! o___o That is rather intriguing...

- O_O! AIRSHIP VAMPIRES?! WOOOW-IE! That's unique! xD

- *In awe at the commish* o_o You're way too awesome! *Rubs cheek happily against yours and grins* <3333

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