Jun 29, 2007

what a diference! All well starfire is probebly my favorit teen titan. eather that or um i don't know i like them all so i'm just gona go with starfire!

super smash bros brawl

woa i'm so excited for thibs...wait is it already out?! no it couldn't be! we should have it by now if that were true

a while ago I really got into the series W.I.T.C.H. and then I stopped...and now I'm back into it and its TO GOOD!

yehaw summer is here! sorry if this pic dosn't turn out so good but I didn't want to ink it...it looked good as a sketch. And the paper I used wasn't that great because i was just using it to practise side way shots when I did this but it turned into a pic...blah

Jun 20, 2007

Marmalade Boy is the most famous work realized by YOSHIZUMI Wataru, author of shoujo manga. It distinguishes itself from other mangas of sentimental kind by the fact that in Marmalade Boy the "secondary" characters are well assorted, not stereotyped and they live important love stories, creating a good support for the main story. The manga was first published on the magazine Ribon and afterward collected in eight volumes, under Ribon Mascot Comics label. During the layout of the fourth volume the workmanship for the TV series (76 episodes) began and the relative gadgets, expressly inserted in it, were launched. Because of the unexpected success, reached end of the episodes (49) that drew hints from the manga (meanwhile it was at the sixth volume), the production studio decided to continue the workmanship: it created a completely new situation and new characters (the Americans, episodes #50-#71), through afterward return in the ending, with some modifications, to the manga's plot (episodes #72-#76). During the TV broadcasting, a short movie was also realized about events antecedenting the TV series (and therefore without correspondences with the manga). Notable the foamy start of the TV series (2 kisses and 2 slaps in the first 3 episodes!) but also of the manga.

the writting isn't mine but it was the only way to get a pic of the anime I really like right now!

Jun 9, 2007

Jun 4, 2007

This book should be called CHILDRENS DANGER! and rated 18+! ok let me explain. I fownd this book in my piano seat and just by looking at the front cover I can find 7 deadly things! 1) the tedy bear is being pulled by the ears from 2 balloons! 2)the bird is going to pop the balloon, hurting the childrens ears and making the bear get dirty! 3) the child in the middle is flying! 4) the girl on the left is going to hit the guy in the middle squre on the head with a football! 5) a baby is left out side unatended and without adult supervision! 6) the dog is going to choke on the ball! 7) the kid with the jumping rope is being mauled by words! and that is why I think my thoughts.