Jan 30, 2008

Kt's Request

and here it is! kt tripping over puzzle! this was the origional, I didn't like as much

Summer Daaaiz

I'm thinking that for my next posts I'm going to draw some friends in this sorta big-head-small-body and big-outline style (heh) If that's okay with you that is. Just say yes or no in the comment box on the post below this one.

Jan 28, 2008

missing title

I mean, what are you suposed to title this thing anyways? I only drew and colord it because I thought it was cute, but i don't even know what it is! help me think of a name and then i might stir up enough motivation to make a comic series out of it...


pictures of panda's I drew on my work folder...

I knitted me self a scarf

I knitted me self another scarf, this time its fuzzy warm and long. I just felt like showing you guys what it look like by putting it on my teddy. gu-hoy!

Jan 24, 2008

Ol' sketches

A bunch of funny old sketches I had liying around ^^

Jan 21, 2008

Circle tests

circle testing

Subliminal message

Rock Band (the subliminal message is: go buy rock band, it is amazing)

Jan 16, 2008

Photo shop test

these are some colour tests i did. i have to say that the pink girl took the most drastic change. boy, she was all in dark dark pink, almost mov. also the one of me in blue got all blury when turning it into a j-peg. wow, the things you catch when you pay attention!

Jan 13, 2008

Dean, the undercover cross dresser

I just noticed that when ever I turn my pictures into a j-peg, they always go lighter then the origional! its so annoying! like, his eyes are suposed to be a dark green and the gloves were more violet. anyways, this is random and just so you know, dean doesn't exist.

Old skull pic

this was a page from my porfolio. back in the fall I took this art class where the teacher showed us pages from greys anatomy. ( an actual book, for those of you who only knew the show) anyways, this was my first pic that I used actaul pen and ink with. pretty fun for a first try. it has alot more control with lines then pen pens. (thank you gerry for the portfolio!!!)

Jan 12, 2008

Quick sketch

just a doodle of an elf girl I did when travlin.

Jan 11, 2008

Little pink hair boy

last pic for a while


me and kt have started a new game where one draws a bunch of random shapes, and the other compleats 'em. since i havn't posted in a while and probably wont for a bit, i figured to put them up.

Jan 6, 2008


Tsori is my little gaurdian. she fallows me around, day and night, and watches over me. unfortunatly, only I can see tsori. so I just wanted to show you what she looks like.

Jan 4, 2008

Art meme!

Yay! kt shy tagged me! (not on her own free will though...))

Jan 3, 2008

Alice In coo-coo Land

This was a little doodle I did in my sketch book. something about her face made me really want to ink it and put it up. :p

Jan 2, 2008


Heeeeeere's nana. I subscribe to shojo beat and watch the anime. hurray.

Jan 1, 2008

I do believe in faries

It's time to "KICK" off the new year!


Happy new Year good wishes for 2008 From the anime crew!
dancing muscle men.gif Here are my neighbors, doing a little dance just for you! (jk)