Oct 24, 2007

2nd Fan art!

This is my second fan art! yay! this ones so cute!

Oct 22, 2007

A walk in the park

This is a request I got from someone. But look at the full moon! the guy's got fangs! what will become of that ghost girl?!

Oct 17, 2007

Bella Brain

This is my front cover for a project I've been working on for the past little while. Its called
"Bella Brain in the sabatoge submarine!" I seriously don't care if you steal the title because in this project we had a list of heros/heroins we had to pick (wha! I wanted to make up my own name!) their HAD to be a bad guy (we had a choice of names for him/her too) their HAD to be a surtain setting and sertain problem. and. a happy ending. alwell! It was really fun to work on! :P


Heres another comision orderd by yuukanami. ok...that was a complete lie....
truthful: I lost a bet with yuukanami. we were playing mario cart and the prize was a drawing (of your choice) made by the loser. long story short, I was getting cocky and ended up losing. this pic was supost to be colurd but yuukanami changed her avi before I could finish it. (hehe. score!) All and all, I've learned my lesson. :P

Monkey man

This is my first job on paint. I did it on the mouse so its a little sqrewy. the colors on paint...bad...neon...no choise. blah.

Oct 14, 2007

Fan art!

yay! this is my second fan art of pure.dark! (it's my avatar on gaia)

Oct 8, 2007

RED! read this for rp noledge!

g2 keep this here for now:

"t-the t-two o-of usss?!" kyoko repeated shakily. her ears pirked up as rain began to poor heaivly. kyoko shiverd.

"darn it! we have to stay put! its raining bukets out here" cherry complained as she stared out the window. sayaki came from behind her, holding kyoko and koru's bags. "yea..."



Akane's back!

This chibi piece was orderd by non other then THE GREAT AKANE! if you are wondering who the GREAT AKANE is then do not fret. I shall explain. she is a costumer at my OLD art shop that has orderd for a comision 3 times! and not only that! she's put all the pic's i've made of her avi on a "pure.dark" hall of fame! luv!

Oct 3, 2007


wow this has been my second commision all mounth. well anyways, a person on a role play wanted me to draw a charecter based on there fully detailed description. Her name's Rose and she's a pirate!