Sep 30, 2007


This picture has a long story. okay heres how it started:
Bre pix drew this. it is aizzy. aizzy asked me to ink it. so she gave me a link, I printed it. but of cource when you print something its already been inked. I inked it over to look better and colord the hair, shirt, pants, and shoes black. if you see little pixles sticking out, thats from the printer, not me. I scaned it back in and here we are now.

Sep 28, 2007

My great movie

This is my first slide show. I made it on my own! teehee

Sep 24, 2007

Amv hell 3 clips

this is only some parts of it, but this is anime hell 3. mooo and red, you have to watch this!!!!! It will explain my random singingsss for the past few mounths.

Sep 23, 2007


the most frustrating thing in the world has come apon me!!!!! gerrrrrr!!! *pulls hair out*. my. tabblet. isn't. working. no matter what I try it wont respond unless its on mouse!!!!! that meens i can't use photo shop, and that meens no more posts for a while!!!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaaar! i had this awsome alein drawing to show you too!!!! whaaaaaaa! well kt says she gona give me her old one...that would be nice *lookes up in long-ing-ness*. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sep 22, 2007

Ktshy and tek tek

[url=][img][/img][/url] Irs kt! yay!


Some doodles that I thought I should post too prove my feet-ty-ness. look at her feet! also you see Hes as a "foxy lady". heh

Sep 18, 2007

Winter fever

Being sick sucks! there are no high points too it other then not going to school...and thats not even grate because then you have a whooole truck load of home work the next day!
I probebly wont be poting for a while do to this.

Sep 15, 2007

Lover boy

tee hee something by queen I found.


Heres a bunch of picturs ger-ger drew and I colourd and inked. I was playing japaness whisper a while ago and I still think the best answer ever would have to be "luke sky walker saw you doing the makeraina in your underwear, infront of an old lady." hehe

Sep 14, 2007


I want it allll I want it allll! oh how i dooo love queen! heres to all queen fans

Sep 3, 2007


I think this is kinda self exploritory

Sep 2, 2007

Fan expo

These are a few of MANY pichures we took at the fan expo:hehe. theres just something so cute about this.
Kt's art table
Puzzle is the cutist cat in the world!
so cool
This is the origonal f vs s
Im sorry for my harsh languge since I don't cuss but this bobafett is bad Ass.
Not my cell phone, but who cares, its cool.
I didn't see this but shagster got me this pick of someone making a face mold

missing pichures

I lost a bunch of pichures about 2 mounths ago on my computer and earlire today I found them in "my documents". I don't even remeber puting them there. all well. The first one isin't finished because It looks so old and bad but I still find it cute so ignore the non colored umbrella, skin and non shadded socks. The second is a pichure that Bre from brepix drew of shagster and his girlfriend Aleda (gaia name). I have founded out that are male name would have both been nathaniel, pigs are our fave animals and we both have the same shape of glasses. she also is a hard core gamer, anime fan and gaian. Were like twins! The third was on my blog for 2 and a half minutes. I took it off because I thought it was kinda creepy but I don't care anymore.

Sep 1, 2007



this is another one of my rp carecters.