Apr 27, 2007

Ruby Blue Shoes

OK ok I know ALL I have been doing is puting up videos and pic's I havn't even drawn but give me some slack. I'm working on a comic and hopefully it might get posted but I promise that once i'm done there will be some new illustrations up here that I drew! Anyways this is a film kt shy made!

Apr 25, 2007

Toilet traning 4 kids

Apperantly there is a hole series of this but I just found this one funny...hahahaha

Apr 17, 2007

Shrub monkeys

Well this was a comic my sister kt shy made and actully colored but I just felt like puting it up because I love seeing king leonitis in a Fred costume. hahah. :)

Apr 15, 2007

Talking cats

The last cat on this video is hilarios!

Candy man

Duck and wii

I don't know if I have explained this already but if you were wondering, my favorite animal is the monkey but as you know my blogg is called "Duckwithumbrella". Why you ask? Because if you look closly at the pic I made for duckwithumbrella logo it looks like a cursive capatal H and S together (if only I could sqeez in a E ) but any ways its part of HES so I called my company "Duck with umbrella productions" by the way we got a wii a while back and soon found that when every we played little glich things would spred over the screen so we told some wii ppl and they told us to send it to B.C (british columbia) and we got back a busted wii that had scratches on it and stuff so we told them and they finally sent us a good wii :) so now we have a good wii and I am happy! :p


I have re-desighned my blogg to look like a watermelon...Stop staring at me like that! I just felt like it! Anyways I also changed the font!

Apr 9, 2007

Daisy is one of many of my favorite nintendo carectors and when I saw this picture I just had to save it. In games I will always play daisy and whoever my female acomplice is will play peach, but even if I had a choice I still say daisy is awsome!

Some Pics

Yah I just put a bunch of random pictures on here but I will explain! There is a PGSM pic that was suposed to go on a earliar post, a Nights picture contest for the wii and Aries which is my sign. I did not draw or make any of the above. (Aries pic found on www.deviantart.com)


If you ever get the chance to watch this do it! It is such an awsome series!

Apr 1, 2007

This was A pic I drew, for my own fun, of a Harry Potter front cover!
These are only but some of my fave feamale anime carectors!