Feb 1, 2009

Sci-Gee Mania!

Can you spot all 33 pictures of Sci-gee?!
Is it possible to be obsessed with your own character?
Jeepers, you should see my school note books! (actually where her name came from and where she was first drawn) They're just crammed with pics of Sci-gee posing, dancing or just being lazy! Weirder yet, I still don't have a plot for Lethal lips. And not a single other character in mind. I'm not even sure what sort of personality Sci-Gee has yet...arg!!!


Red-Rose said...

I've been obssesed with my own characters too. You're not the only one * pats shoulder*

HARR HARR HARR! I spoter all the Sc-Gee's! I also spot your Et Cetera fan art 8D

shortwings said...

Sure you can. :D Everyone does it.

Don't worry about the personalities of your characters... they'll solidify in time.

Also, why is you (upcoming) comic called Lethal lips? Can you shed us some light?