Jan 31, 2009


Sorry, no Lethal Lips yet! Had...*caughs* HAVE some crazy projects I'm doing, and just don't have time! (I'm sure you're sick of hearing that...practically everyone uses that as an excuse for everything) But it's the truth! I haven't even Role Played yet! That's how busy I am! I'll stop yelling now!

This is my entry for a school contest
An interesting book. I've not finished reading The Luxe, but it's pretty good so far. The story focuses on different characters, (like boogiepop) which is pretty refreshing and despite it being a book about backstabbing, loathing, angst and jealousy (all the things I love *sarcasm*) being set in the 19th century (time of innocence, etiquette and manners) is pretty awesome.

Tired of listening to the same old? Check out the whimsical "Birthday Massacre"! (unless...like me...they are your 'same old') this funky fresh, gothic band has sweet and unique sounds! The stories behind their songs are dark, hardcore fairy tales and can match any situation! Definitely give this metal punk band a listen!

If you haven't already, you MUST watch Soul Eater! Soul Eater is a twisted gothic looking anime, jam-packed with action and witty humor! The plot is original and the animation is phenomenal! It's an on-going series and one you can't miss out!
(Sorry...I can't seem to stop yelling)


Red-Rose said...

You bettah win the year book contest >8D

Geeeh, I seriously need to watch Soul Eater, but I have to finish Zoku Sayonara Setsubou sensei, then watch Goku Sayonara Setsubou sensei ( which is only a few episodes) THEN I can watch Soul Eater. From what I have heard, it is amazing. Death The Kid looks supah hawt 8D

Kt Shy said...

Oooooh thanks for all the reviews, Soul Eater looks quite interestin!