Jan 11, 2009

A Few Of My Favourite Things...

I was searching through my sketch book for all my favorite drawings (that I haven't posted yet), took pictures of them, and here they are! (warning: Some are really old)

Still life sketches

This was a character that me and a friend created in the summer. He's a miscellaneous background character (neko) that shows up for no reason and is actually yaoi.

Don't tell me you don't want a mush hat

I was going to post this emo little miss muffet a while ago but...never got around to it. In case you were wondering, the little toad by her foot is Mr. Jambalaya Shrimp the third

My hand

My fist

This was commission for Akanegirl but half way through drawing she canceled. I inked what I had done to that point for the fun of it.

Kt's original Birthday Card.


Karo said...

^__^ Very nice. Would you be able to show the work that you've done for your portfolio in your next entry s'il vous plait? =D

Red-Rose said...


Mr.Jambaliya Shrimp the third was amazing :p