Jan 9, 2009

2009 Update

Well, first off, I just wanted to say: Happy 2009 everybody! Just think, it's been 3 years since the creation of this blog! Thanks for sticking with me so long^^ and if you're a new follower, thanks anyways!
Can't say that I'm sorry for not posting in 17 days. (woaaa, loooong time!) I was busy completing my portfolio and working on other projects, fu fu. Sadly to say...I haven't really developed anymore plot for Lethal Lips...But I'll get to it.
I finally caved in and got a deviant art account. I was convinced that after a year you had to pay, but turns out that's only if you want a membership. Haven't done anything with it yet but you can check me out at: http://hesbell.deviantart.com/
I recently wrote out a dream I had...and for whatever reason the Jonas Brothers were in it *shivers* Not sure where I should post that. It's 18 pages o_O A bit of a monster for a blog post. Any suggestions?
I got live journal a while ago too but it's too confusing >.< I don't go on it at all DX

For Christmas I knitted custom scarves for people but didn't end up making one for myself. My old blue one (I made before) got super stretched and would hang past my coat. So, I got some wool, turned on a radio show and knitted. I finished the whole thing in one sitting. so, about 2 hours? Haha it was fun. Now I have a scarf!

And best part, it matches my mitts and hat! The mitts are Christmas present's from T-ben and the hat used to be my grandfathers. Funny how old things become trendy again~ (or I should say, 'vinatge') hehe


Red-Rose said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. You posted. Didn't think you would do it for another few days...


Oh ho ho. Yesh, the Jo Bros dream. 18 PAGES? That's alot......

Kt Shy said...

Yesh, best story I've read all year! :D And that's a fact!