Dec 19, 2008

Lethal Lips

EDIT: Forgot to post this. The colors were a lot nicer before I made it a JPEg...

The new year brings many a great things. For one I will start Role playing again, come January. Second of all (since I'll be done my portfolio) I will be working on my comic Lethal lips. I actually came up with the primes sometime in the summer but decided to put Sci-Gee as the main character just today haha XD I knew she'd be useful eventually! I'll tell you more about the characters and plot once I figure that out ^^;;

Also, My internet is steadily dying out so I probably wont be online for a while. Currently I am borrowing someone else's laptop. Since these were on my USB I figured I should post them. These are backgrounds that I created to personalize my R4 chip...but unfortunately I posses a mac and can't get these on my R4...*sighs*


Karo said...

xD Nice. Lookin forward to your next post in ze RP forum! *Nod nod*

...And this comic sounds rather interesting. >_> Hmmm... Will you make it a webcomic?

Red-Rose said...

Lethal Lips, eh? Sounds awwwwesome. Or should I say, EXCELLENT?!

Yes! Roleplaying time, baby! Coal, Rose, Koru and Coal again reaaaally miss you ;_;

Kt Shy said...

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice, I am excited for Lethal Lips!