Oct 4, 2008

Heart Wreath Rug Hook

I've been rug hooked. Hehe. I just got back into rug hooking again. It's a really fun craft but requires patients and speed. The out come is always pretty~
Anyhoo, on the directions I saw this weird circle symbol so I looked over at the symbol key and the color was called "vanilla windswept kiss"...what ever happened to plain old "white"? XD Here's my progress so far, just got started today! *fist clench*

I am currently listening to the rocky horror sound track (next is evil dead) for the millionth time...kuku, I tend to around Halloween "its just like the time warp-" "WHAT?!" "only better!" Oh by the way, if you haven't already GO SEE EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL!! I urge you! Heed my words!!
I always liked seeing the behind the scenes of art or movies so here ya go, the origional sphinx girl:


Red-Rose said...

I still haven't finished the rug hook thing you gave me for my tenth birthday, eheh

Karo said...

o___o Wow. You did that all in one day?! That is really awesome! XD I never knew there were kits to make rugs yourself until I met you o_o;