Aug 4, 2007

Quik fun facts!

1)Did you know that one of the best things to clean your ds screens with is wet whipes? (or better known as "wet ones")

2)Don't buy shoes in the mourning bacause your feet sweal up in the afternoon and then if you don't your shoe will not fit in the afternoon.

3)Did you know that 60% of the time, seaguls will "drop" on you once you have fed them? and 40% of the time they will do it any ways

Quik fun facts!


Red-Rose said...

veeeeeeeeeeeeeery inteeeeeeresting

Moogie said...

haha these are funny :P now i know exactly how to clean my ds screen

hubport said...

Hmmm I got experiences that my new shoes is somewhat feel big in the morning. XD