Jan 21, 2009

Portfolio Pics

Here are some of the portfolio pictures I promised^^ I've already posted some of them, and others I don't want to show so here ya goes!

A whole bunch of this pic got cut off >___<

So this is the full version of the city street, but major glare due to my camera >___<
Next things I post will be scanned!!

Also, a fan art for Fey Winds


Red-Rose said...


Kt Shy said...

Hurray hurray! Supah powtfowio of gleee! :D
I gotta do a Kit fanart eventually...

Adriana said...

Dude, I couldn't do half of this stuff when I was your age...you're going to be smokin' in no time!

Karo said...

o_o! Super stuff, Hes! You'll have made it into that school for sure!

My fav pic is the one of the underwater/on land sea creatures/plants. ^_^ Magical.

Mmm... And the street that you drew is very calming... Like as if you'd see it in an anime with a bunch of random characters strolling down it. =]