Nov 20, 2008

Mystery Writing Assignment

This is the front cover I made for my mystery writing assignment. Thought you saw the last of my school work, eh? (this is a lot lighter then the original)
Inkdeath Pictures, Images and PhotosAlso, just picked up Inkdeath this past weekend but have yet to read it. Partly because I'm flooded with work and mainly because I'm already reading this lovely gem: Boogiepop At Dawn

It's basically the prequel to everything and anything Boogiepop related and explains where references come from and why. My biggest best-ist brother T-ben got it for me. It's very well written. I like it so far.


Red-Rose said...


I must find out more about this 'mystery story'


Karo said...

Oh shoot... Looks like I'm going to be having Detective Domino on my tail. >__<

*Runs away*

((XD Sweet cover by the way; it looks professional! @_@))

Kt Shy said...

I like the cover of your book, really nice composition and stylistic design!!! *thumbs up*

Osa said...

No way! You're a Boogiepop fan, too? I gotta say, it's rare for me to meet other fans of this series like myself :O

That is awesome. :)