Aug 8, 2008

Pirate Girl

I actually drew this Yesterday but couldn't color it because of the random thunder storms. The colors were much more vibrant in the original.


Kt Shy said...

snff! I am missing you! You are at the cottage and I work all day everday this beautiful summer :'{

And yo ho ho for this pirate hottie!

Karo said...

@_@ Waoh, it's 5:37 a.m. and here I said I'd be waking up early. Ack, couldn't help it though. First I read all the Shrub Monkey stuff that you recommended me, then I found T-Ben on YouTube so I watched his stuff and have yet to comment, and then I read all your blog posts! @_@ You and your sibblings sure are talented! @_@ It's crazy how well you draw/how much you've improved since 2006! Waaoh! I'm definitely going to have to start blogging too sometimes soon. =3 Looking forward to more updates, Hes! =D Keep up the awesome work! ^___^