Jul 7, 2008

Ugh Tarty Tarts

In the series "Looking Glass Wars", the writer is absolutely ubsest with some stupid snack called "Tarty Tarts". UBSEST! In fact, in one scean in the book, the evil warrior princess, Redd, who hates the world, needs to call upon the oricals of wonderland for reasons that I will not spoil. So, to lure them in, she summons a vending cart full of TARTY TARTS...AND THEY COME!!! AAAAAAHHHHH dumbest part in the booooook! Here's the actuall writting:
'We'll have to draw them out.' she said, conjuring a vendor's cart filled with fresh, aromatic tarty tarts in a variety of flavours. Vollrath, The Cat, Siren and Alistare fanned the delicious scents out in all directions, and in less than it would have taken a hungry wonderland child to eat a single tarty tart-
...I'm sorry, I can't go on...-_-
Oh, I also made two other video's with Yuukanami that may or may not interest you.


Kt Shy said...

Freakin' tarty-tarts! I KNOW! At least you don't have to listen to the book on tape where the reader keeps saying "tawty-tawts" in his smug little brittish accent...
(I'll watch the vids when i get home, no plug-ins at work)

Red-Rose said...

Waaah! You put the vids up! I see you did some editing...*wiggles eyebrows*