Jul 26, 2008


Sorry I haven't posted that much in a while but I've been busy drawing. (hehe that sounds funny)I finished reading I feel sick and filler rabbit today and said this to t-ben "I feel sick is really good...but the filler bunny got me thinking...if Jhonen, john k and the guys from lone sausage all got together and made a film, it would be disgusting O_o"


Kt Shy said...

Cuuute pic! I like her expression :) Nice work with the hair shading too!

I Feel Sick is probably my favourite thing that Jhonen V's done, (i was able to find alot to relate to, even in a weird twisted way). But yeah, filler bunny is gross and I recommend you stay away from JTHM for a couple years if you find it on my shelf because THAT is some messed up stuff and will probably make you feel miserable for weeks.
And yeah, I dont know what lone sausage is, but if those guys all did get together to make something, if they could even get along with eachother, it'd be... well, "something else" that's for sure...

Anonymous said...

Lone Sausage is awesome: