Apr 19, 2008

Big Post-ish

Since I hadn't posted in a while I kinda figured that when I did...it would be a big post. I drew all this stuff pasifically for my blog like all my other pics. (except gaia) Me and Red rose got into a bit of a 'cat fight' over little jimmy down the street, who we both have a crush on. (that was all a lie, but just go along with it) so insted of slapping each other randomly, we got stirophome swords (they hurt) from the garage and fought in the front yard. everyone could see and hear us. hehe. seriously, there is no jimmy and we really did fight.
I take shower's at night so I always wake up with insane bed head. luckily its brushable.
the sketch looked WAAAAAY better. trust me. plz.
I'm reading chocolat now. so far it's really good.
I finished golden compass. it wasn't enjoyable at all. It took all my stenght to finish.

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Red-Rose said...

We were fighting for Andrew!!