Jan 13, 2008

Dean, the undercover cross dresser

I just noticed that when ever I turn my pictures into a j-peg, they always go lighter then the origional! its so annoying! like, his eyes are suposed to be a dark green and the gloves were more violet. anyways, this is random and just so you know, dean doesn't exist.

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Kt Shy said...

try darkening your picture right before you jpeg it. you can do this by naking everything slighly darker in "levels" or by adding more colour contrast under "hue and contrast" which's short cut (on a PC at least) is CTRL+U (don't type the plus. Just play around with it.

It wont matter too much considering different monitors have different setting so unless your monitor is "colour calibrated" like they do in professional studios, your pic will look diff on every computer.