Oct 8, 2007

RED! read this for rp noledge!

g2 keep this here for now:

"t-the t-two o-of usss?!" kyoko repeated shakily. her ears pirked up as rain began to poor heaivly. kyoko shiverd.

"darn it! we have to stay put! its raining bukets out here" cherry complained as she stared out the window. sayaki came from behind her, holding kyoko and koru's bags. "yea..."


Kt Shy said...

"DROP THOSE BAGS!" Kt shouted as she tackled Sayaki to the ground, shoving Sayaki's head into a mud puddle a couple times for good measure.

"Wha-?" Kyoko began to stammer, until Kt pulled a fresh apple pie out of the bags.

"Pie!" Cherry squealed happily. The three sat down happily (on top of Sayaki who was not happy) and enjoyed the pie.

Hesbell said...

omg!thats exactly their personalitys!!hahaha

Red-Rose said...

lmao!! awesome! just how they are. How'd you know?