Sep 2, 2007

missing pichures

I lost a bunch of pichures about 2 mounths ago on my computer and earlire today I found them in "my documents". I don't even remeber puting them there. all well. The first one isin't finished because It looks so old and bad but I still find it cute so ignore the non colored umbrella, skin and non shadded socks. The second is a pichure that Bre from brepix drew of shagster and his girlfriend Aleda (gaia name). I have founded out that are male name would have both been nathaniel, pigs are our fave animals and we both have the same shape of glasses. she also is a hard core gamer, anime fan and gaian. Were like twins! The third was on my blog for 2 and a half minutes. I took it off because I thought it was kinda creepy but I don't care anymore.

1 comment:

Moogie said...

AWWWW the first pic is real cute! :3