Aug 25, 2007

Back and better then ever

Hello everyone...(or anyone who actually reads my blog) I am back! yes I went vacationing for two full weeks so I haven't been heard of but now I am and I come back with one message...I HATE EARWIGS
one of these little sukers fell on me from my seatbelt on the car ride back and I nearly fainted. surprisingly insted of screaming all I said was "omigosh omiGOSH!" I gues I'm getting better with my biggest fears. (another one is Eldeablo, the demon lord which controls my misfortune.) I think he might look like this except with huge bat wings. --->


Moogie said...

HAHA :3 AN EARWIG FELL ON YOU!! :p :p :p LOL sorry i find that amusing. XD

Red-Rose said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! your back! <3 missed you soooo muchies :D:D