Jun 4, 2007

This book should be called CHILDRENS DANGER! and rated 18+! ok let me explain. I fownd this book in my piano seat and just by looking at the front cover I can find 7 deadly things! 1) the tedy bear is being pulled by the ears from 2 balloons! 2)the bird is going to pop the balloon, hurting the childrens ears and making the bear get dirty! 3) the child in the middle is flying! 4) the girl on the left is going to hit the guy in the middle squre on the head with a football! 5) a baby is left out side unatended and without adult supervision! 6) the dog is going to choke on the ball! 7) the kid with the jumping rope is being mauled by words! and that is why I think my thoughts.

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Kt Shy said...

Ya know, maybe if you...like... actually practiced piano and didn't try to use up all your prctice-time thinking about stuff like THIS, we could have an actual composer in the house to make music for our animation ideas!!!
But seriously... what's up with that flyin' kid? It just ain't right!