Mar 14, 2007

Hedge Baboon 02

A little lopsided buuut I still like it! If you don't know whats going on: I am browsing the web wnen my friend Megy sends me a link to a site on web cam. I must stare closly at 2 pictures to find the diference. All of a suddon something pops up and scares me on the screen for a joke...I fear spoiling the plot by continuing...this is a totally true story. :(


Closet Space said...


Hes Bell said...

OH ya! My mom said the same thing happend to her @ work...I meen OUR mom, kt shy! I just said that if anyone other then you post a chick with parasel.

Red-Rose said...

I hate when that happens :( it scares me so much that my heart jumps