Nov 11, 2006

I did this pic for kt 2 years ago!
This was my holloween costume for this year
I tried to do an "art of shag" pichur 2 years ago
this is a pic of kt and gerbear(befor i new what he looked like)
this was a pic of all my friends in a adventure game....older.....and dyed hair(im 3rd right)
b-day card for kt
when i first saw jurasic park i had a image that they were not alone on the hellicopter. if you noticed the older guy has a wet stain on his lap. Some may think it's urin* but it was all actully a water acsedent. *I suck at spelling.... :(
bye for now! (year ago)

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had been able to draw like this when I was your age. I love all of the colors and shapes you use. Your sister has some competition! :)